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New Advocate – Kir Turner

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New Advocate – Yogita Deogan

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Our Mission & Values

Our Mission is to promote social inclusion through our educational workshops, programmes and awareness sessions in both the education and business sector.
Promotion of social inclusion means increased awareness of topics, decreased negative attention towards these issues and ultimately better lives for those who experience exclusion on a daily basis. We believe that people are often scared of differences in society through lack of understanding and that by informing the public, we remove that barrier to communication and community. Our Workshop Advocates bring first-hand knowledge by speaking of their own experiences, offering insight and conversation to a world that may be alien to the audience. Through this interaction, people can converse with someone they may not typically have done before and ask those awkward questions in an open environment without fear. Our Advocates subsequently break down misguided perceptions and prejudices within society.

School Workshops

Business Workshops

Anxiety, Mental Health and Bereavement Staff Training



Racial Discrimination

Disability in the workplace

LGBT+ Business Training

Race Inclusion Training

Sexual Discrimination Awareness Training

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    We are an organisation that challenges perceptions by providing social inclusion workshops. Created by those affected by these issues our workshops provide real, experience-led sessions that will educate the public.

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