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Bereavement Awareness Session




This session was developed to empower teachers and other professionals to support pupils in their grief and enable a more balanced and healthier view of death, dying and bereavement through the school environment. The session consists of delivering workshops to staff giving an initial introduction to bereavement support.

We offer resources to use with children, discuss signs to look for following a bereavement, how to understand the individuality of loss and grief, communication with children and families, and how and what to say following a bereavement. We can also respond to schools needing support following a sudden bereavement.

Empower your teachers and other educational professionals to support students through the personal, social, emotional and health-related aftermath of Covid-19 through:


  1. Understanding anxiety related to grief;
  2. Enabling a more balanced and healthier view of loss/death;
  3. Supporting students to develop coping mechanisms in a school environment.

Our training workshops will provide an initial introduction to bereavement support and access to our online Resource Centre and tools to use with students to understand the individuality of loss and grief.

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    We are an organisation that challenges perceptions by providing social inclusion workshops. Created by those affected by these issues our workshops provide real, experience-led sessions that will educate the public.

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