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Race Inclusion Training

Every person, regardless of their ethnicity or background, should be able to fulfil their potential at work. The need to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces has been recognised but not acted on for too long. Too many individuals from an ethnic minority background still face discrimination and disadvantage when trying to get into and progress at work compared with their white British peers. Addressing this issue is not just about tackling discrimination; it is also about boosting business performance. The economy stands to gain an additional £24 billion with a full representation of black, Asian and minority ethnic individuals in the workplace.

Diversify’s Race inclusion training will cover the following topics:


  • How to attract a broader, more diverse talent pool and boost innovation and customer service by developing a workforce that is more reflective of the organisation’s customer base and society.


  • How to identify levels of ethnic diversity – we will explore any structural and cultural barriers that are maintaining workplace inequalities.


  • How to avoid generalisations- ‘BAME’ encompasses a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and traditions and many different barriers to career progression.

  • How to review recruitment practices to eliminate bias and discrimination- This will include how and where employers recruit new workers, whether the images and language used in recruitment materials are inclusive, line manager interview practices and the approach of recruiters working on employers’ behalf.


  • Review people processes to retain diversity- Identify barriers in career progression and ‘cliff edges’ where employees leave and address this.


  • How to build an inclusive culture- Explore whether policies and practices are underpinned by principles that actively celebrate and encourage difference.

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    We are an organisation that challenges perceptions by providing social inclusion workshops. Created by those affected by these issues our workshops provide real, experience-led sessions that will educate the public.

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