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Disability in the Workplace


Diversify has created a range of workshops which are designed to develop an understanding of disability and fundamentally, how to support disabled employees, customers and clients.

The workshops Diversify have designed are interactive sessions where participants can explore and develop their thinking. Every workshop is adapted to suit the groups specific learning needs and outcomes. The courses are designed to be thought-provoking and will offer practical solutions to some of the most challenging issues.

If the sessions on our scheduled programme are not what you want, we are happy to run bespoke courses that are tailored to the needs of your team. Select the sessions you would like from our training menu, and we will create a bespoke workshop for you. We will always endeavour to cover any topic you might need.

What are the benefits of having a Disability in the workplace workshop?

There are eight simple reasons to use our Disability workshops:
1. Disabled people occupy 18% of the workplace. Whether it be a hidden disability or a physical disability, you are likely to have disabled people working for you even if you are unaware.
2. A minuscule number – 4% of reasonable adjustments (workplace adjustments) have a financial implication. Most are resolved by conversation, awareness and organisation attitude.
3. The two most commonly stated enablers for employment among disabled people are modified hours/days or reduced working hours and access to transport.
4. The top 3 types of workplace discrimination identified by disabled employees are: being given fewer responsibilities (19%), not being promoted (14%) and being refused a job (23%)
5. It is argued that disabled people who are happy and supported at work will be more likely to stay, will take less time off and will be great company advocates.
6. The spending power of disabled people (The Purple Pound) is over £249bn per year. It could be argued that business owners simply cannot afford not to be 360° accessible.
7. Disabled customers tend to take longer when choosing to buy according to the ONS. The main decision factors underpinning customer choice are the experience of excellent service and reputation for good service.
8. Inaccessible premises, websites, telephone systems and printed information, poor customer service, lack of awareness, inadequate communication, are the main reasons for disabled customers tending to swap to a businesses competitor.

Our business disability training covers the following topics:

Depending on the desired outcome of the workshop, we can cover any of the following:

• Accessible Documents
• The Purple Pound (The spending power of Disabled people)
• How to Talk about Disability
• Social vs medical model of disability
• Disability Awareness


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    We are an organisation that challenges perceptions by providing social inclusion workshops. Created by those affected by these issues our workshops provide real, experience-led sessions that will educate the public.

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