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LGBT+ Business Training

Learn how to be an LGBT+ inclusive business.


LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace is fast becoming a priority for organisations of all sizes across the UK. LGBT+ business training offers a distinct competitive advantage for all organisations.

Diversify has created a range of workshops designed to develop an understanding of LGBT+ and fundamentally, how to support their employees, customers and clients.
The workshops Diversify have designed are interactive sessions where participants can explore and develop their thinking. Every workshop is adapted to suit the groups specific learning needs and outcomes. The courses are designed to be thought-provoking and will offer practical solutions to some of the most challenging issues.

If the sessions on our scheduled programme are not what you want, we are happy to run bespoke courses that are tailored to the needs of your team. Select the sessions you would like from our training menu, and we will create a bespoke workshop just for you. We will always endeavour to cover any topic you might need.

What are the benefits of LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace?

The benefits to an LGBT+ inclusive workplace extend beyond that of making sure employees of all sexualities and gender expressions feel safe and valid. LGBT+ inclusive workplaces benefit your business. Having robust inclusion strategies in place for LGBT+ staff makes sense from a business perspective as well as a moral standpoint. Employees will feel less stressed and more productive as respected members of a cohesive team.

Our business training covers the following topics:

  • Strategies for LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace.
  • Review your policies for LGBT+ inclusion – LGBT+ inclusion should be a core part of your Equality and Diversity policy. Diversify will ensure all your policies are LGBT+ inclusive, for example, your policies on parental leave, adoption, and pensions.
  • How to provide LGBT+ training – Offering LGBT+ training in the workplace as part of equality and diversity training can be a powerful way to educate everyone about LGBT+ issues. Providing this helps ensure your policiesare heard and understood across the organisation.
  • How to set up an LGBT+ network – Creating an LGBT+ network can be a great way to support LGBT+ staff. A network means LGBT+ employees can meet in a safe space within their place of work to relate to one another. As a focus group, network members can also help you identify and improve upon issues affecting LGBT+ staff, so you can continually improve your approach.
  • How to appoint LGBT+ allies – Are there non-LGBT+ people in your workplace who are passionate about or interested in LGBT+ rights? Get them on board as an LGBT ally; they can champion LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace and act as a source of support for LGBT+ staff.
  • Learn how to incorporate gender-neutral language – Gender-neutral language avoids bias towards a particular gender. Using ‘they’ instead of ‘he/she’ in contracts and other company documentation is a good step towards this, as is monitoring ongoing communications for gender neutrality.
  • Create unisex toilets – Whenever possible, there should be a gender-neutral bathroom option, particularly if you provide singular toilets. Unisex bathrooms are more inclusive for Transexual and Non-Binary people, who can feel intimidated when having to use single-sex toilets. Beyond this, unisex toilets are also cheaper to build.

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    We are an organisation that challenges perceptions by providing social inclusion workshops. Created by those affected by these issues our workshops provide real, experience-led sessions that will educate the public.

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